Founded as an in-house general contractor for developer M. David Paul Development in 1973, Krismar Construction Company is a part of the entire development process. Over the years, Krismar has managed the construction of more than 4,000,000 SF in core and shell projects and 2,500,000 SF in tenant improvements projects.

Krismar works closely with the design team from project inception through completion. Early involvement allows Krismar to work through all aspects of the construction process prior to construction documents, eliminating unnecessary project delays and expense. This formula has brought many successful projects to market within a time frame much shorter than industry standard.

Beginning in 1985, Krismar extended its services to other companies. Krismar continues to use the ‘owner/builder’ approach with all outside clients in the belief that with proper early planning, meaningful cost savings can be achieved without compromising quality or building performance. Vast construction experience and long-time relationships with fine engineers, care for the protection and serviceability of buildings, and the desire to provide good client service all provide advantages for Landlords and Tenants alike.